Bringing A White Smile Back Is Not That Difficult


A big bright beautiful smile is the best treasure anyone can have. It melts other people’s hearts and helps you fix difficult problems. However, many people lose the whiteness of their teeth and often don’t smile in front of other people.

Bringing back whiteness to the teeth is now possible with the help of science. You need to follow some dietary restrictions and brush your teeth two times a day with blanqueador de dientes paste. It is a natural teeth whitener that removes yellow from teeth. Let’s learn how these teeth whiteners work.

Why teeth lose their whiteness?

By default, teeth are white. Using the best tooth whitener can bring back their whiteness. However, not taking care of teeth is the prime reason behind losing their whiteness. Here are few reasons why teeth become yellow from white.


  • Tobacco Use
  • Food and Drink
  • Trauma
  • Age

 How tobacco uses make teeth brown?

Along with harmful Nicotine, all tobacco products also contain a small amount of Tar. The surface tension of Tar is very high. For this reason, it easily sticks to the teeth. The slow accumulation of tar stains the teeth with brown spots.

Along with regular brushing, you can apply Crest 3D White Whitestrips on the teeth. Active ingredients of this tooth whitener will diminish the surface tension of the tar. Within just a couple of weeks of use, the brown spot on the teeth will fade away completely.


How Food and Drink make teeth yellow?


Pigment-rich foods and drinks are called “chromogen”. These pigments easily attach to the teeth and make yellow spots. Many drinks like red wine, coffee, and tea have a high quantity of pigments. You need to use teeth whitening Madrid to remove these yellow pigments from your teeth.


Natural teeth whitening solution dissolves these pigments organically and does not cause any bad effect on the teeth. For a quicker result, you need to apply the teeth whitening solution twice a day. You will see a good result after just a couple of days of use.


Taking care of teeth is not that difficult. Regular brushing, two times a day is a must for having beautiful white teeth. Avoid tobacco products and gargle after drinking coffee, tea, and red wine. It will reduce the chances of yellow and brown spots on the teeth.


If you don’t get good results from these, then definitely try Crest 3D White Whitestrips. Its active ingredients will bring back natural whiteness to your teeth.


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