How Dentists Recommended Teeth-Whitening Products Are A Better Option?

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When it comes to teeth whitening products and kits, you have two options. You can visit your dentist or go for Over-The-Counter kits. Both types will offer benefits. But the effects may not be the same. Dentist recommended products are meant for professional use.

  • Over the counter whitening kits are manufactured for home use
  • If your product selection is not right you may face side effects
  • The cost in both cases may not be the same

These three points mentioned are common differences between the two. You should always research the kit blanchiment dentaire you select. If the product is prescribed by a professional then you can use it as per directions.

  • Bleaching capacity

This is the biggest difference between a DIY and dentist prescribed dental whitening kit. If the product is prescribed by the dentist then it is mild. But this you cannot guarantee when selecting DIY kits.

The bleaching capacity of the DIY type kits may vary from one kit to another. Before you select dental whitening Paris kits, always take time to get familiar with its leaching property. If the product is harsh, then avoid it for safety. 

  • Ingredients strength

DIY products may print a lot of ingredients in the list. But in most cases, you may not be sure of the ingredients present. But this is not the case when going with experts recommendations.

If you decide to go with dental whitening Marseille then you may not have to doubt the ingredients list. If you plan to go with a DIY list always ensure it does not have harsh chemicals mixed. Check with the peroxide concentration in the product.

  • Mouthpiece trays

If you are going with OTC products then you may have to compromise with the fixed mouthpiece tray size. It is not possible to customize commercial products.

But if you decide to go with professional dental whitening Lyon product, you can get a customized mouthpiece tray. Dentists will always take the accurate size of the oral cavity and then customise the mouthpiece tray.

This means that if you are using dentists recommended products, you get better results. You can check with dental whitening kit reviews online and then decide the right option.

If you go for DIY products you may not get maximum dental protection. But if you check with Crest 3D white professional effects you learn that your oral health protection is guaranteed.


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