Simple Yet Effective Methods To Follow When Using TeethWhitening Kits

Crest 3D White

Maintain stain-free teeth, is not easy. Using teeth whitening systems proves effective for short time. You need to follow methods that will help you maintain sparkling white teeth, for your lifetime.

  • Using the tested whitening product is one best solution
  • You have to identify the cause of stains, before treating
  • Proper hygiene and deep cleansing can make a big difference

You should always look around for natural teeth whitening products. Chemical filled products offer with short term benefits only. Additional whitening remedies can prove more helpful.

Practice oil-pulling techniques

Oil pulling is one technique that works best even when using natural teeth whitening products. It helps eliminate toxins and stains. It is also the best way to maintain oral hygiene. You can use natural oil – coconut, sesame, or sunflower, to carry out this task.

If using whitening strips, then remove them before practicing oil pulling. As you may use whitening strips for few minutes in a day, so you can combine oil pulling practice along with it.

Baking soda

Reputable activated charcoal teeth UK product will be rich in baking soda ingredients. You can also use baking soda in its pure form. Regular toothpaste is always rich in this particular ingredient. It is the best remedy if you want to eliminate stains from your teeth.

Regular use will ensure the stains do not develop on the top layer of the teeth. You can prepare a mild mix of water and baking soda. Brushing twice daily will help remove all types of stains.

Hydrogen peroxide

If you are using advanced crest professional strips UK then you may not have to worry about this ingredient. Whitening strips are provided with a coating of this ingredient. If you need higher concentration, then regular brushing with hydrogen peroxide will be helpful.

Whatever you use always ensures that it is clinically tested and effective.

Limit sugar intake

Stains may usually develop if you are consuming a lot of sugar-rich foods. When using crest teeth whitening strips sugar intake should be cut down completely. Sugar is considered as one leading cause for stain development.

It also damages the outer coating of the teeth enamel. So try and avoid or limit beverages and other such items that contain excess sugar.

Even when using the best teeth whitening strips you need to follow strict guidelines. Regular brushing with calcium-rich toothpaste or gel will help maintain your teeth in good condition.

You should try and include more of foods that contain natural calcium ingredients. This is important to protect your teeth against stain development.

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