Teeth Whitening Products – Type And Categories You Should Focus-On

Crest 3D White Whitestrips

Is tooth whitening safe and effective? The present research shows it is effective and safe. The only precaution to keep in mind is to follow the manufacturer’s protocol. You have to use the different products once you are following the right method.

So, if you are using Crest 3D White Whitestrips you have to go through the guidelines first. DIY procedures for these products may not work.

  • For each product, the guidelines may not be the same
  • Each product may not work in the same way
  • Before using, be selective about the product based on usability

If you feel you are comfortable, then you can use Crest 3D White Whitestrips, or else go for gel, paste or lotions.


This type of product is an OTC product. You can visit any nearby store to buy this product. It resembles your everyday toothpaste. You use it with your toothbrush.

You can buy carbon teeth whitening paste. The result for this product is remarkable. It is easy to use. But proper brush action is important.

 Gels and strips

These are the second type of whitening products. Crest Whitestrips are popular brands. Not much rinsing action is required. But proper placing will make a difference.

You can go with any reputable brand that you trust. The results will almost be the same in each case. You wear the strips but gel can be used as your regular toothpaste.

Rinses products

These are oxygen-rich ingredients. They are combined with other whiten teeth ingredients as well. They are OTC grade products.

The solution is easy to rinse but the time frame is important. You can use it as your regular mouth wash. Do not ingest the product orally as it can be harmful.


If you are concerned about positive impacts, then you need a more professional-grade product. Trays are professional teeth whitening Madrid product.

You may have to use them for a few hours every day. So it is best to use it before bedtime. Regular monitoring is essential.

 In-office types

In-office types offer instant results. But the results may not be everlasting. If you have an urgent meeting, then this is the best product.

It is considered a natural teeth whitening solution. The product will work faster but results may be visible for short periods.

In any case, you have to ensure that you select a product that is comfortable to use. The best part is that each type mentioned above is an OTC product. If unsatisfied, you can go for more professional treatments.


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