The Real Difference Between Using Strips And Tooth Paste

Crest Whitestrips

Everyone needs a broad smile. If you pose for a photo, your smile is the first thing people notice. When you speak to others, your smile makes a big difference. You may not smile if you have discolored teeth or stains.

These two factors can restrict your smile. You may need to use quality 3D Crest White products. But there are so many options.

  • The selection depends on your expectations
  • For instant results, you may need to select OTC products
  • Strips will offer faster results as compared to toothpaste or gel

You can always search for the best 3D Crest White strips on your local market. These are easily available products. But before selecting you have to know the difference between different products.

  • Benefits beyond enamel layer

Both paste and strips will offer benefits. You will be using toothpaste for over one or two minutes. But you may have to wear Crest 3D Whitestrip for a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes. This makes a big difference.

Whitening strips are designed to offer benefits that may exceed your expectations. The strips work much beyond the enamel layer. They whiten the teeth from deep inside the enamel layer. This guarantees that the teeth are healthy from their base.

  • Perfect fit

The whitening strips are available in different size and jawline shape. You will have to research well before you can decide the perfect fit Crest Whitestrips. You certainly may not want to compromise with one that is not the right fit for your jawline.


This issue you may not have to worry about when selecting whitening toothpaste. The product can be best used as your regular toothpaste. You just have to focus on the right brush action when using the paste.

  • Taste factor

Strips and paste will not taste the same. Most strips are having a peroxide base. They will taste more like peroxide. Some users may not like the peroxide base taste. So they prefer using whitening toothpaste or gel.

These products are fluoride-rich. They will taste very much similar to your regular toothpaste. You may not have to compromise for bad taste. You just have to select the best dental whitening Lyon product that suits you.

  • Comfort

Both paste and strips offer a similar level of comfort. When using strips you have to wear them on the law line. The paste can be brushed in your oral cavity.

Both products are safe to use. Both types are professional dental whitening kit products. They are easy to use.

It is more important to focus on your needs when selecting strips or toothpaste. They offer almost similar results. The products can be used best as DIY products. When using these products you may have to observe similar precautions.

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