Tricks of Teeth whitening, that actually works!

Tandblegning Strips

A grin can establish an incredible first connection, yet not if stains and staining lessen its effect. You get most stains from eating and drinking exceptionally pigmented food items and taking part in negative behavior patterns. Whatever the reason for staining, there is a way your dental expert can help. An expert brightening treatment with tandblegning Strips can eliminate long periods of staining in just one meeting.

Prior to treatment

It is basic to set up appropriate dental wellbeing for tandblegning hjemme. Your assessment will decide whether there’s anything that needs remedy prior to brightening. The system won’t be fruitful if rot or different issues are available. An expert tidying will eliminate the development of microbes, food particles, and different substances that could meddle with the treatment. After your oral wellbeing assessment, the extra groundwork for brightening treatment may incorporate photos taken of your teeth to help screen the movement. Your dental specialist will talk about the reasons for your stains and tell you the best way to keep your teeth as white as conceivable after treatment.

The Whitening Process

The treatment starts with the arrangement of a cheek retractor and tongue watchman to ensure delicate tissues and permit simple admittance to your grin. Teeth are flushed and dried prior to putting a gingival boundary along the whole gum line on the upper and lower curves. This progression secures the gums and forestalls aggravation, and it guarantees the blanching arrangement will cover just the obvious part of your teeth. When arranged, a dental expert places crest whitening strips. Contingent upon the brightening item, here and there a restoring light or laser enacts the peroxide to accomplish the ideal shade. Following 15 minutes of naturlig tandblegning, the gel is washed off, the teeth are dried, and the interaction is rehashed to accomplish your ideal shade. Teeth are washed the last time, and a fluoride application is applied to battle affectability.


The working rule of these teeth whitening packs is quite straightforward. The only purpose of using a teeth whitening kit is to secure your smile. By following these simple tricks- you can actually get cleaner & whiter teeth. Brightening gels contain carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide as the principal dying specialists. ekstrem tandblegningsgele fundamentally contain higher hydrogen peroxide fixations, making them more successful at eliminating surface stains and profound staining.


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