Use TheProfessional Seal Technology Based Strips For Whitening Teeth

Crest 3D Whitestrips

Looking for a professional and dentist recommended product for affordable whitening and cleaning of the teeth? The Crest strips are the ultimate products for perfectly erasing the stains and removal of the yellowing. With instructions on the package, it is convenient to use the strips at home.

  • Use Only Dentist Recommended Whitening Products

The Crest 3D whitestrips Danmark are recommended by dentist. This ensures the safety when it comes to use of the product. The strips are 100% safe, hygiene and consists of safe amount of hydrogen peroxide for removal of the stains. It ensures whitening, cleaning, and polishing of the teeth.

  • In a packet which consists of the Crest strips, it consist of 40 strips and offers a total of 20 number of treatment. There are 20 strips each for the upper and lower enamel.
  • The Crest 3D white strips are thin and flexible strips and each of the strips are coated with a layer of hydrogen peroxide. The strips fit along the enamel of the teeth and it conforms the shape of the teeth.
  • The advance seal technology of Crest 3D white helps with removal of stains which are rigid. Once the stains are removed, it imparts an overall protection for up to 12 months.
  • The Top 3D professional effekterby Crest works directly on the enamel. It should not be used over veneer, bonding etc. Just its application for couple of minutes does the work.

Buy Tandblegning Strips across multiple physical as well as online stores and get clean, whiter and stain free teeth at home. It is an effective and efficient technique as the strips are quite affordable. With regular use for 20 minutes for just 30 minutes a day, it shows professional whiter teeth.

  • Affordable Use of the Strips without Clinic Visitation

There are incredible Crest 3D white strips before and after pictures which shows that it works like magic. These are absolutely safe and does not cause any sort of gums, teeth, and suitable for even sensitive teeth. The strips tightly fix along the enamel and it does not cause gum irritability and sensitivity.

The Crest 3D whitestripsDanmarkare convenient to use as all the instructions are written on the package. The strips are simple to use as it is flexible and stays fixed along the enamel through its GripFit technology. It does not come while drinking water or speaking and hence makes it convenient for new users.

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