Useful Information When Using Teeth Whitening Products On Sensitive Teeth

Oral B whitening strips

Having sensitive teeth is common. Bad habits can make the teeth sensitive. The outer coating of the teeth gets damaged. The teeth may develop sensitivity due to many factors. But this does not mean that you are not supposed to maintain sparkling white teeth.

  • You still can use natural tandbleek tandpasta or gels
  • You may have to follow your dentist recommendations
  • Not all types of whitening products may work best for sensitive teeth

You may have to focus on selecting mild products. You may also come across tandbleek tandpasta that is designed for sensitive teeth. Go through the ingredients and fine prints before selecting any product.

Before using these products you have to ensure you understand the sensitivity percentage of your teeth. Not all teeth may be the same. They differ in sensitivity aspects as well.

Using best solutions

Fluoride is essential if you have sensitive teeth. In most cases, you may have to shift towards using sensitivity solutions to desensitize the teeth. This is also important if you are using crest whitening strips. The solution works best with most teeth whitening products.

The solution can be used at least two or three times a day. The tooth whitening product can be used along with the sensitivity solution.

Use anti-inflammatory solutions

Sensitive teeth may feel the inflammation if you are using your regular toothpaste along with the teeth whitening product. It is important to reduce the inflammation factor. You can combine Oral B whitening strips with an anti-inflammatory agent as well.

You just have to ensure that you are only using a product that has natural ingredients. This will help in regulating inflammation. It will also maintain safe teeth for your lifetime. You can use a solution-based anti-inflammatory product.

Do not select frozen foods

Foods that are cold and frozen are never best for sensitive teeth. The thuis tanden bleken task will always make your teeth more sensitive. The agents in the product may act on the enamel layer. Eating frozen food should be restricted.

When using, natuurlijke tandenbleekset, you should avoid eating frozen foods.

Brush before using

For the best result with these products, it is better to use them before using your regular toothpaste. Your teeth are already sensitive. You are also using ateeth whitening kit for whitening the teeth.

You have to use it along with your regular toothpaste. Always brush your teeth in advance. This will protect the teeth enamel for a longer time. You also have to regulate the frequency of using these products.



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